What is ChargeHere?

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One central charging solution for many charging points in parking garages and multi-storey car parks

Until now, the rule was: one parking space, one wallbox. Resulting in a lot of effort and high costs for several charging points in the parking space. And also a real limitation for e-mobility. With ChargeHere, things are getting changed.

The difference? At the heart of the ChargeHere solution stands the central charging technology, which includes intelligent charging management in addition to energy distribution. The good thing about it is that the charging technology can be flexibly connected to the charging points for electric vehicles.

ChargeHere also provides the charging cables at the car parks. A welcomed side effect here is that there is no longer the need to bring your own cable and the charging process may begin immediately.

Scalable and future-oriented – just like e-mobility itself

A further advantage of the charging solution is the ChargeHere system, which can be expanded at will, depending on the charging requirements. If the demand for charging options continues to increase, the number of charging points simply grows alongside with it.

The simple calculation: the more charging points you set up, the more you save compared to conventional charging stations. Equally individual is the charging release. It is up to the user to decide whether the charging release is to take place via the control unit or whether the charging process is to be started centrally via an RFID chip; of course with connection options to a backend.

And what’s special: The ChargeHere charging solution learns with every charging process carried out. Based on systematic data evaluation, the system and charge management can be individually optimized.

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Your Advantages

Central Load Management
The central control unit allows the charging points to be individually controlled and the connected load to be distributed as required. The charging technology can be centrally and flexibly switched to the charging points.

Expandable Charging Points
You benefit from the expandability of the system. If your charging system needs grow, the ChargeHere solution can be expanded with little effort. As the number of electric vehicles rises, the charging solution grows alongside.

Charging release & Backend
Loading release can take place via RFID via the central terminal. The loading solution is OCPP-capable and can be connected to an appropriate backend.

User Friendliness
Users enjoy a user-oriented charging environment. The charging cable is attached and easy to plug in. The charging process can be started easily as well.

Flexible Charging Technology
If a parking space is blocked by a fully charged electric vehicle or a combustion vehicle, the charging technology can be switched flexibly.

White Label Offer
It is possible to freely brand the loading solution. We offer our customers a partially or unbranded design.

Economies Of Scale
The number of additional charging points increases the savings potential compared to standard charging solutions with one wallbox per car space.

Our Services For You


We will be happy to advise you on a suitable loading solution for your parking space.


We design and plan a suitable loading solution for you and your users.


We set up the loading solution for you and accompany you through all the steps up to commissioning.


We ensure the operation of your loading solution for you and take care of the support.


We optimize charge management based on actual usage patterns.


Easy extension of the existing loading solution with increased loading requirements.

Arrange a consultation now

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the future-oriented electrification of your parking space.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Thanks to ChargeHere’s rapid set-up, we can offer more loading solutions for all employees at low cost as well as on short notice and are prepared for the future.”

Heiko Luft EnBW Head of Mobility & Office Services

About ChargeHere

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ChargeHere is an EnBW innovation project for the development of sustainable loading solutions for car parks. This includes all steps from the conception of the loading solution including load management to installation, maintenance and control.

ChargeHere believes in a better world and better air (not only in Stuttgart) through electric mobility. With our work we want to support and promote the change to electromobility.

The aim is to make it possible to charge electric vehicles cost-effectively in any parking space. We would like to make it possible for all car drivers to opt for electromobility today.

Since 2017, the ChargeHere team has been developing intelligent charging solutions for customers and setting new standards for the future of charging infrastructure. ChargeHere is located in the EnBW Company Builder in Stuttgart.

People Behind ChargeHere

The ChargeHere team consists of experienced and innovative experts from the fields of electrical engineering and business development.

The makers of the intelligent charging solution know how to prepare your charging management efficiently for the future

Hardware Team

Software Team

Business Team



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