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Our ChargeHere charging solution consists of three essential components: our slim TwinCharger with a fixed integrated charging cable, the ChargePanel operating terminal, and a central control panel, the ChargeBase.

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Charging many electric cars at once – how does that work?

Important to know: An essential component when using many charging stations in a car park is a balanced load and charge management system. This system is needed because there is usually only a limited connected load available from the building. This available capacity is specified by the local network operator.

What does this mean in detail? Every building has a certain power that can be “requested” from the power supply system. For example, for lighting in the underground parking. Through the charging points there are now additional power consumer. If many electric vehicles are charged at the same time, large load peaks can occur. The use of a load management system avoids these peaks and therefore the possible overloading of the grid connection.

Your advantage: Minimizing the costs resulting from load peaks. Savi­ng money, because you have to pay less service charges due to load peaks.

What are the differences between the load management variants?

Static load management

In the case of static load management, the maximum grid connection capacity is maintained at all times and does not continuously adapt to the power requirements of the building. In this way we prevent your connected load from being exceeded by reducing the charging power of all active charging points. For this reason, a considerable

Dynamic load management

In the case of dynamic load management, the available load capacity is dynamically defined and continuously optimized. This means that the loading capacity dynamically adapts to the power requirements of the building and is automatically increased or reduced. In this way, we optimally use the available capacity of your connection.

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