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Unlike other charging solutions, our ChargeHere solution does not require a separate, expensive wallbox for each parking space. The resulting hardware savings make it more cost effective than other solutions. And it also takes up less space.

Of course you can also install our charging solution outdoors. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Each charging point has a type 2 charging cable, there is no need to carry a separate charging cable. This type of plug allows one-, two- and three-phase charging and is the standard in Europe. This means that all vehicles with a type 2 plug can be charged at the ChargeHere charging solution.


Charge Management

Yes, this is possible with our software. Even with individual settings.

The charging time of an electric vehicle depends on various factors:

  • the charging capacity of the charging station
  • the charging technology of the electric car and
  • the capacity of the electric car battery

With the ChargeHere charging solution, the charging time also depends on the number of charging stations used – and the vehicles in the charging state. In general, electric cars usually take between two and three hours on average to fully charge.


Costs & Finances

That depends: Among other things how many electrified places are needed. And whether these spaces are located outdoors or in an underground garage. We will be happy to make you an individual offer, just contact us.

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