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Make your car park a forerunner!

The use of parking areas will be more efficient in the future as they become electric charging stations. Drivers of electric cars only park where a charging station is located. With our charging solution, you can easily increase the attractiveness of your car park.

If you only have a limited power grid connection, this is no problem with ChargeHere. Our dynamic load management ensures that your available connection capacity is used ideally, so there is no need to worry about a costly Expansion.

The previous rule “one parking lot – one wallbox” is now a thing of the past. Thanks to our centralized charging solution, a lot of technology can be saved – everything important is located in the central control unit. The parking spaces themselves are only equipped with the charging cables. Often, however, it happens that the charging points are blocked by long parking or combustion vehicles. In that case, the ChargeHere solution flexibly switches the centralized charging technology to another charging point.

And if you need more charging points than originally planned, you can easily and inexpensively expand them. The ChargeHere solution simply grows with demand.

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Your advantages

Benefit from our charging solution!

Economic efficiency

With the increasing number of charging points, the savings potential increases over standard charging solutions with one wallbox per parking space.


Does the demand for charging points in your car park increase? No problem, our central charging solution simply grows with your additional Needs.

No extension of the power grid connection

With our load management, your power grid connection is ideally utilized – no costly extension required.

This is how it works: in just a few steps to the ChargeHere solution

Contact us! We are happy to come by and introduce our solution. You will then receive an individual offer from us.
A professional installation of the charging solution will be done by us or by an electrician of your choice.
The Operation of the entire charging solution is carried out by us on site. After that, you’re ready to charge.

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