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The demands on the networks are high with the growing demand for electric vehicles. Therefore, complex and costly grid expansion measures are often considered, especially in parking garages. An alternative approach to this is an intelligent charging infrastructure that makes ideal use of the available grid connection. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management wants to support efforts for intelligent grid connection of parking garages with 2.1 million euros.

One of the concepts being funded is intelligent charging management, which is being implemented as part of the iLIME project (intelligent charging infrastructure management for e-mobility) and tested in several test phases. In this project, ChargeHere is developing a concept for a multi-stage intelligent charging management system for e-mobility together with Stuttgart Netze Betrieb GmbH, the Institute for Energy Transmission and High Voltage Technology at the University of Stuttgart, and the Baden-Württemberg parking company.

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