Internal charging infrastructure expansion EnBW

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With more than 30,000 charging points, EnBW offers easy access to the largest public charging network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But EnBW does not only create charging possibilities for electric cars in the public charging network, but also directly at its own locations. The expansion of the internal charging infrastructure provides employees with an important answer to an important question when deciding on e-mobility: Where do I charge? Being able to charge their e-car at their workplace makes it easier for many people to switch to electromobility.

The aim of the internal charging infrastructure expansion is to enable a smooth charging experience for guests, employees and company and company vehicle users. The project will supply 120 locations with over 720 charging points. Two different manufacturers will be used. The reason for this is that the ChargeHere charging solution only makes sense from 14 charging points at one location. Thus, around 300 charging points were installed at a total of eight EnBW locations. The locations extend from Cologne to Biberach. Due to the different conditions at the individual locations, all three installation variants were used. That means indoor wall mounting, indoor stele mounting and outdoor stele mounting. Thus in each case the needs could be covered locally ideally.

Information about the project

ChargeHere Locations
Charging Points
ChargeHere Charging Points
Locations 120
ChargeHere Locations 80
Charging Points 720
ChargeHere Charging Points appx. 300