NETZLAB “E-Mobility-Carré”

How must the central network connection of a residential complex be provided if 58 electric cars are to be charged in the shared underground garage in the future? And what should be taken into account from the perspective of a community of owners? Netze BW will be investigating these and other aspects over the next one and a half years in a new NETZlaboratory in the community of Tamm.

A residential complex with apartment buildings and a jointly used underground car park will be under special observation by Netze BW GmbH in Tamm from autumn 2019. The company wants to conduct practical tests to find out how best to integrate electric mobility into an existing network infrastructure. With the "E-Mobility-Carré", the company is now expanding its "E-Mobility-Allee" studies in local power grids, which were started last summer in Ostfildern. The ChargeHere charging solution with dynamic load management is being used here.

The aim is to reduce peak loads and gain new insights into charging management and storage in the event of grid bottlenecks - and to do so in the very place where modern mobility is lived, namely with the people in the E-Mobility Carré.


Information about the project
58 Charging points
45 E-Cars
69% Electrification of the underground car park
2x 19 kWh Battery storage