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The ChargeHere charging solution consists of three hardware components: TwinCharger, ChargePanel and ChargeBase

TwinCharger ChargeHere


Small, compact and powerful – our TwinCharger is not like any typical wallbox on the market.

The approach of a centralized charging solution makes it possible to equip parking lots with a charging facility for electric cars in a space-saving way. Thus, the spiral charging cables (type 2) with an extended total length of approx. 11 m are permanently fixed to the parking spaces. A welcome side effect is that you no longer have to bring your own cable and the charging process can begin immediately. In total, a TwinCharger has two charging points (11 kW each) and thus offers a charging possibility for two parking spaces.

From now on our charging station is also available as SingleCharger with one charging point (11 kW).

  • High user comfort – no need for a separate cable
  • The start of the charging process, the charging status, the amount of energy charged and the number of the counter can be easily read off the integrated LCD color display
  • Direct wall mounting or pillar mounting, especially suitable for parking lots inside and outside


The central unit – nothing works without it!

The ChargeBase is the central unit of the ChargeHere loading solution. In addition to the power distribution, it contains the central control unit, and all required electrical protection technology. A total of up to 20 parking spaces for electric cars can be equipped with just one ChargeBase. And if the demand for charging options increases, the existing charging solution can easily grow with it.

  • One ChargeBase for up to 20 parking spaces, 100+ charging points at one location are no challenge
  • Locally integrated central load and charge management
  • Maximum charging power is 11 kW per charging point


With our ChargePanel you always have an overview!

Via the 12″ TFT touch display the user receives all essential information about his charging process, such as start of charging, current charging performance and price information. The charging release is easily done by means of an RFID card.

  • RFID reader for authentication
  • Customer-specific user interface, e.g. display of own parking spaces
  • Available in an indoor or outdoor version