Dynamic load management

Power-grid-friendly, intelligent and flexible

In most cases, a building has only a limited power grid connection available. However, if you want to charge a large number of electric cars at the same time, the power grid connection often has to be expanded costly.

Why is that? Once an electric vehicle is plugged in, it usually charges at full power. If, however, many e-cars are charged at the same time, large peak loads can occur. This can lead to overstressing and overloading of the grid connection. That’s where our load management comes in. Our load management ensures the intelligent control of charging processes. It takes advantage of the usually long parking duration of vehicles by limiting the number of simultaneously charged vehicles.

With load management, the annual peak performance is thus capped. On the one hand, this reduces the service charge and, on the other hand, increases the yearly period of use. The energy obtained is thus distributed more evenly over the year which leads to lower working fees. This eliminates peak loads, which has two decisive advantages: Firstly, load distribution can save considerable costs in the grid usage fee; secondly, a costly and time-consuming expansion of the grid connection can be avoided.

Monitoring and data analysis

Individual, transparent und up to date

With our services and our individual customer portal, we always keep you up to date and offer you full transparency on previous charging processes, charged energy quantities and much more. Based on real-time monitoring, not only a detailed analysis of individual charging points is possible, but also the analysis of all operating states of the system. Our remote software updates come to you “over the air” and keep you up to date at all times.

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