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Our charging solution for parking areas – electric charging made easy.

What sets our charging solution apart from others? So far, the rule has been: One parking lot, one wallbox. That means a lot of effort and high costs for you. And also a real limitation for e-mobility.

Compared to traditional wallbox systems on the market, we are addressing the two fundamental issues of charging infrastructure development: The limited power grid connection in relation to the desired charging points as well as the inefficient use of the charging infrastructure with long parking times of the vehicles.

Instead of equipping each parking space individually with a wallbox, we at ChargeHere rely on a central charging solution. At the parking lots themselves, only the charging cables are provided. Welcome side effect: There is no need to bring an own cable and charging can start immediately. What’s the advantage of the central solution? The entire technology, which is usually integrated in the wall boxes, is located in a central control unit. Hence, there is less charging technology needed than there are charging points. With every charging process, the ChargeHere solution is learning. Based on a systematic data analysis, the system and the charging management can be individually optimized.

Often it happens that charging stations are blocked by long-term parked vehicles. At ChargeHere, the centralized charging technology can be flexibly switched to the respective electric vehicles, so that blocked charging points are a thing of the past – thanks to our intelligent charging management. In addition, our dynamic load management ensures the optimal utilization of the existing power grid connection and needs-based distribution to the vehicles. An extension of the available connection can thus be avoided and the simultaneous charging of several electric cars is no longer a problem.

The charging solution is not only perfect for public parking garages, but also for companies that want to give their employees the opportunity to charge their electric cars or want to electrify their fleet.

And if more charging points are needed than originally planned, these can be expanded uncomplicated and cost-effectively – the ChargeHere solution simply grows with demand.

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