One wallbox for every parking lot? Not with us!

What are we doing differently? We rely on a central charging solution with an intelligent charging Management.

Our charging solution consists of three main components: ChargeBase, TwinCharger and ChargeControl.

Compared to other charging solutions you benefit from a high cost savings potential when if comes to a higher number of charging points. One wallbox per parking lot is now a thing of the past – the future is a central charging solution.

Die ChargeHere ChargeBase


The Heart – Nothing is possible without it!

The ChargeBase is the heart of the ChargeHere solution. The central control unit contains the entire charging technology for up to 20 parking spaces. The charging points can be controlled individually by our central control unit. And what does that mean in concrete terms? We use less charging technology than there are charging points on the parking area. This approach enables us to get by with a lower power grid connection. A total of eight electric cars can be charged simultaneously. If more than eight cars are charged, the charging technology can be switched flexibly. Easily with our charging management system.

  • One ChargeBase for up to 20 parking spaces
  • Charging technology can be switched flexibly, charging is possible on more parking spaces than there is charging technology available
  • If demand increases, the central charging solution can simply be supplemented by a further ChargeBase


Small, compact, powerful – our TwinCharger is not like any typical wallbox on the market.

The approach of a centralized charging solution makes it possible to equip the parking lots with a space-saving charging possibility for electric cars. Thus only the spiral charging cables (type 2) are attached to the parking spaces. Welcome side effect: You don’t have to bring your own cable anymore and the charging process can start immediately. In total, a TwinCharger has two charging points (11kW each) and thus offers a charging possibility for two parking spaces.

  • High user comfort - no need for bringing an own cable anymore
  • Direct wall mounting, particularly suitable for car parks and underground garages
  • Stele mounting, ideal für outdoor parking spaces
Bedienterminal ChargeControl


With our ChargeControl you always keep the overview!

The 12″ TFT touch display provides the user with all essential information about the charging process, such as charging start, current charging capacity and price information. The charging authentication is very simple using an RFID Card.

  • RFID reader for authentication
  • Customer-specific user interface, e.g. display of your own parking spaces
  • Available in an indoor or outdoor version

Further information on the product components can be found in our technical data sheet.


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