Charging in real estates

We offer the smart loading solution for both existing and new buildings

Building companies

We have the perfect charging solution for residential areas. With future demand for electric cars, there is often uncertainty about how many charging stations will be needed in a new building. We’ve got the solution and take this uncertainty off your hands. With the centralized approach, the charging points can be expanded easily and, above all, cost-effectively. The charging solution simply grows with increasing demand.

Housing and property communities

When purchasing charging stations in an existing property, one of the most common difficulties is the limited grid connection capacity. With our load management the connection is ideally utilized, and load peaks are avoided. If other parties in the community decide to buy an electric car, you can easily add more charging points to the charging infrastructure. And with each additional charging point, the savings potential increases compared to conventional charging solutions.


Our services

From pre-check, to installation, to servicing – with the ChargeHere charging solution you receive modular services that are individually fulfill your needs. You will find the perfect charging infrastructure for your company, parking garage or housing industry.

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