Discover our charging solution

Would you like to equip several of your parking spaces with a charge point for electric cars?
Whether multi-storey car parks, employee car parks, company fleets or apartment buildings – we have the right solution for your needs.
Our loading solution can easily be installed in underground garages, multi-storey car parks or outdoors.


Small, compact and powerful

Our wall-mounted version of the TwinCharger isn’t comparable to any typical wallbox on the market. The approach of a centralized charging solution makes it possible to equip many parking spaces with a charge point for electric vehicles. In addition, the already fixed spiral charging cables (Type 2 plug, 2x 11 kW) offer a high level of comfort for the user. A TwinCharger has two charge points and can thus serve two parking spaces. Wall mounting the TwinCharger makes it particularly suitable for use in multi-storey car parks and underground car parks.

The loading solution integrates perfectly into the existing infrastructure and we are happy to design the TwinCharger according to your wishes!

TwinCharger Stele

No wall mounting in sight? No Problem!

Our column is used everywhere where wall mounting is not possible. The TwinCharger is simply attached to the column. Whether at large parking lots or in underground garages, the TwinCharger Column complements the portfolio perfectly. Due to the simple and streamlined design, the TwinCharger Stele adapts perfectly to the environment. Here, too, the user has two charging points at his disposal. We will be happy to advise you on your specific requirements.


No wall mounting in sight? No Problem! Everything at a single glance!

The central operating terminal ChargeControl contains an RFID reader, where the loading process can be started and stopped easily with an RFID card. The 12″ TFT touch display provides the user with the essential information about the charging process, such as start of charging, current charging performance and price information. The ChargeControl can be optimally integrated into the existing infrastructure through the customer-specific user interface. The operating terminal is available as an indoor and outdoor version.


The heart – without them nothing works!

The ChargeBase is the heart of the ChargeHere loading solution. In addition to power distribution, the central cabinet contains all the important components required to implement centralized load management. The advantage of this solution is that the charging technology can be flexibly switched to the charging points and the available connected load is distributed as required.
With a ChargeBase, you have the option of equipping up to 20 parking spaces for electric cars. If the demand for charging options grows, the existing charging solution can be easily expanded by adding another ChargeBase.

Dynamic load management

Efficient, intelligent and cost-optimized!

In most cases, only a limited connection capacity is available to a building. However, as soon as you want to charge a large number of electric cars at the same time, you need dynamic load management. This ensures that the installed load is dynamically distributed to all charging points. So peak loads and the associated increase in the power price are a thing of the past. Not only the load peaks, but also the expansion of your mains connection can thus be avoided.

Monitoring & Data analysis

We offer you full transparency!

Through our individual data analysis and evaluation on the use of the ChargeHere charging solution, you always have an overview of the utilization of the installed charging points.