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Be the attractive employer of tomorrow!

Your employees would like to charge their electric cars at work and you would like to give them the opportunity to do so? Good decision! This makes your company more attractive and increases employee satisfaction. In addition, you set an important signal for the future.

The previous rule „one parking lot, one wallbox“ is now a thing of the past. Thanks to our centralized charging solution, a lot of technology can be saved – everything important is located in the central control unit. The parking spaces themselves are only equipped with the charging cables. This provides an ideal user experience when charging at work, since the employees don’t have to bring their own charging cable anymore.

There is often the problem of exceeding the available power grid connection in the parking area when it comes to charging multiple electric vehicles. Our dynamic load management optimally exploits the avaible power grid connection. You don’t have to worry about peak loads. Even a costly extension of the power grid connection is not necessary.

You still can not estimate exactly how many charging points you need for your employees? At ChargeHere, you can easily and inexpensively expand the charging points – the charging solution just grows with the demand.

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Your advantages

Benefit from our charging solution!


We offer maximum charging convenience – the cable is already installed at the charging points and charging can begin immediately.


Does the demand for charging points in your car park increase? No problem, our central charging solution simply grows with your additional needs.

Central technology

We rely on a central charging solution and use less charging technology than charging points. Efficiency is our priority!

This is how it works: in just a few steps to the ChargeHere solution

Contact us! We are happy to come by and introduce our solution. You will then receive an individual offer from us.
A professional installation of the charging solution will be done by us or by an electrician of your choice.
The operation of the entire charging solution is carried out by us on site. After that, you’re ready to charge!

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